風格 / 厚堆色塊派 : 以堆疊潑辣變化的色塊筆觸,體顯濃厚高度立體韻味,取其抽象和超現實的具象而用色,達到神韻變化莫測、亂而不亂的藝境或寫真效果。


這是一幅 “厚堆色塊 “風格的畫作。整幅畫生動地表現了畫家技法所蘊含的內在力量和觀念。作品簡潔、隨意、自然。向日葵、花莖、花葉、花瓶、桌面,充分展現了基於寬宏大量、無牽無掛的心境下對色塊和筆法的熟練運用。四種不同的技法來表達厚堆色塊的色彩斑塊風格,都顯示了藝術家描繪這如畫的場景的技巧。在這幅作品中,印象主義現實主義都融入其中。


油畫巨匠文森特-梵古的向日葵作品,在西方繪畫史上達到了藝術的巔峰。然而,與梵古那些卓越的畫作相比,H.H.第三世多杰羌佛的這幅向日葵畫作卻讓人非常欽佩,留給觀者的印象只有一個:太美了,無法複製的藝術作品,既體現了印象主義,又體現了現實主義,通過 “厚堆色塊派 “的色彩風格來到了這個世界上!


(Style : Thickly Piled Patches of Color)

This is a painting in the “Thickly Piled Patches of Color” style. The entire painting vividly expresses the inner powers and conceptions underlying the artist’s techniques. The work is simple, casual, and natural. The sunflowers, stems, leaves, vase, and table top fully reveal adeptness in the application of color patches and brushwork based on a magnanimous, unattached state of mind. Four different techniques were used to convey the Thickly Piled Patches of Color style, all of which show the skills of the artist in depicting this picturesque scene. Impressionism and realism are both incorporated within this work.
A small number of color patches form a charming image of the flowers. Smooth, vigorous, and natural strokes portray a scene of rare artistry. The sunflowers have an extremely interesting withered quality, even an insect-infested look, which leaves a lasting impression on the viewer.
The sunflower works of the great master of oil paintings, Vincent van Gogh, reached the pinnacle of art in the history of Western painting. Yet, when compared with those remarkable paintings of van Gogh, this sunflower painting by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III inspires great admiration, leaving the viewer with only one impression: artistry too beautiful to be duplicated, embodying both impressionism and realism, has come to this world through the “Thickly Piled Patches of Color” style! 

本文來源 : International Art Museum of America

本文連結 : H.H.第三世多杰羌佛《西畫》之「向日葵Sunflowers」

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