H.H.第三世多杰羌佛《西畫》之「別有洞天 A Beautiful World Discovered From a Cave」

第三世多杰羌佛 /別有洞天 A Beautiful World Discovered From a Cave

風格:朦朧派 – 即是以虛實幻化筆意取物造型,得其似是而非,在筆觸和色韻上產生強烈的虛無缥緲筆意、虛實不定的朦朧狀的筆墨情趣。





與尋常的風景,美不勝收的景觀出現了。觀者仿佛被帶到了一個宮殿般的山洞,來到了一個無憂無慮的世界,俯瞰著這個超越我們世界的仙境。色彩、光線、氣氛的奇妙變化,讓觀者被帶到那個地方,被這一切的可愛所吸引。這幅畫屬於 “朦朧 “畫派。

A Beautiful World Discovered From a Cave(A Hidden Wonderland)

Style : Menglong

“The remotest corners of the earth are still part of the human world. Those who search for the truth in their dreams perceive themselves as wise, virtuous persons. To find out through which mountain pass you can leave this dusty world full of impediments, look for the cave hole with remnants of light, for that will lead to the Land of Peach Blossoms.”

H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III wrote this poem containing a profound message in order to express the true meaning of this painting: Nowhere in this human realm can one find a place not of ordinary people, not of this mundane world. All born as human beings are in a dream of confusion. However, they usually believe they are seeking the truth. In reality, they are just indulging in self-appreciation and self-consolation. As such, they cannot block the great flow of impermanence. However, there is one opportunity whereby you can attain control over your own living and dying and be guaranteed to transcend this world of mortals. When you see the wondrously intriguing cave hole with remnants of light, know that is the source you are seeking. That is the paradise of immortals, the Land of Peach Blossoms, a holy land beyond this world.

The style of this painting is Western oil painting plus a mysterious technique that combines the dual skills of fine brushwork and freehand brushwork. From the harmonious unification of these three elements, a holy land of immortals

with an unusual landscape of inexhaustibly beauty comes into being. It is as if the viewer is taken to a palatial cave, to a world of no worries, and is looking over this wonderland that is beyond our world. The marvelous variations in color, light, and atmosphere are so enchanting that the viewer is carried away to that place, fascinated in the loveliness of it all. This painting belongs to the “Menglong” style of painting.

本文來源 : International Art Museum of America

本文連結 : H.H.第三世多杰羌佛《西畫》之「別有洞天 A Beautiful World Discovered From a Cave

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