H.H.第三世多杰羌佛《西畫》之「天堂寶物正飛旋Heavenly Treasures in Motion」

第三世多杰羌佛之西畫 -天堂寶物正飛旋

風格 : 微印派 (為印象派風格,同時達到大幅畫中任取其中一小部分也是精緻的印象畫,表現精神夢幻中的感覺意境,每一小塊局部放大都是一幅美麗的享受。)

這幅畫屬於 “微印 “風格。大膽的用色,明亮而沉穩。它傳達出強烈的節奏感和運動感,就像宇宙中自轉的行星。雖然佈局是靜止不變的,但給人的感覺是在不斷地變換發生,產生龍、鳳、水、火等各種形態的物體。明暗交融,形成了一個有趣的場景。這幅畫的任何一部分,單獨放大後,本身就是一幅美麗的作品。

這幅畫的風格和質感似乎來自于仙宮或天宮。因此,這幅畫被命名為 “天堂寶物正飛旋”。


Heavenly Treasures in Motion

This painting belongs to the “Weiyin” style. The boldly applied colors are bright yet sedate. They convey a strong sense of rhythm and motion, like planets revolving and rotating in the universe. Although the layout is static and unchanging, one is left with the impression that transformations are constantly occurring, producing objects of various forms, such as dragons, phoenixes, water, and fire. The blending of light and darkness creates an interesting scene. Any part of this painting, when enlarged in isolation, is a beautiful work in and of itself.

The style and quality of this painting seem to have originated from a palace of immortals or a heavenly abode. Thus, this painting is titled “Heavenly Treasures in Motion.”

本文來源 : International Art Museum of America

本文連結 : H.H.第三世多杰羌佛《西畫》之「天堂寶物正飛旋Heavenly Treasures in Motion」

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