H.H.第三世多杰羌佛《西畫》之「雪山上的茅篷石屋Thatched Stone Huts on a Snowy Mountain」

風格 : 微印派 /  為印象派風格,同時達到大幅畫中任取其中一小部分也是精緻的印象畫,表現精神夢幻中的感覺意境,每一小塊局部放大都是一幅美麗的享受。


只有仔細觀察這幅畫所傳達的魅力和情懷,才會發現這幅畫似乎在描繪一個高遠的空間,高高在上的宇宙。茅草石屋隱隱約約地出現在懸崖的高原上。它們就像神靈的家園。越看這幅畫,越能感受到它清雅純潔的品質。這是一幅 “微印 “風格的畫作。

譯自International Art Museum of America

Thatched Stone Huts on a Snowy Mountain(partial picture)

This painting evokes an open feeling of case upon first glance. In that initial moment, it seems one does not discover anything specific in the painting. As the colors of black, white, green, and red give rise to a sense of comfort, the spirit of the painting slowly emerges.

Only upon closer examination of the charm and sentiments conveyed by the painting does one discover that it seems to portray a lofty space, high in the universe. Thatched stone huts appear faintly on the plateau of the cliff. They resemble the homes of gods. The more one views this painting, the more one is able to sense its refreshing qualities of elegance and purity. This is a painting in the “Weiyin” style.

本文來源 : International Art Museum of America

本文連結 : H.H.第三世多杰羌佛《西畫》之「雪山上的茅篷石屋Thatched Stone Huts on a Snowy Mountain」

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