H.H.第三世多杰羌佛《西畫》之「夜色中的飞行物Flying Object in the Night」

第三世多杰羌佛《西畫》夜色中的飞行物 Flying Object in the Night

風格 : 微印派 /  為印象派風格,同時達到大幅畫中任取其中一小部分也是精緻的印象畫,表現精神夢幻中的感覺意境,每一小塊局部放大都是一幅美麗的享受。


其实,它是一种魅力 — 艺术的魅力,也是美的女神的象征。它源于广阔心灵的感受。用非凡的、老练的技巧来执行,这种色彩的释放可以用任何方式来诠释。然而,它的艺术价值却不容忽视。毕竟,这幅作品体现了艺术之美。

Flying Object in the Night

This abstract painting reflects the brightness and vastness of the artist’s mind. Against the backdrop of a dark night sky, the charm of the painting’s artistic spirit still emerges. The flying object can be thought of as the rhythm of brilliantly leaping ideas. It is neither a flying bird nor a cluster of clouds. Is it the rhythm of the congealing of air? Of course not. Is it the resonation of a shock to the atmosphere? It is not that, either. Is it an alien spaceship? None of these are correct.

In fact, it is a sort of charm – the charm of art and the symbol of the Goddess of Beauty. It originates from the feelings of a vast mind. Executed with extraordinary, seasoned skills, this release of colors can be interpreted in any way. Its artistic value, however, cannot be overlooked. After all, this piece embodies the beauty of art.

本文來源 : International Art Museum of America

本文連結 : H.H.第三世多杰羌佛《西畫》之「夜色中的飞行物Flying Object in the Night」

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